Thank you for the music: You helped us win £50,000!

Thank you for the music: You helped us win £50,000!

Thanks to a public vote, Alder Hey has won vital funding to run a project to place a musician on every inpatient ward, once a week for a whole year.

The Music Matters project was one of five groups competing in ITV Granada for £50,000 of National Lottery funding in the People’s Projects competition.

Music has proven to be extremely beneficial to patients and their families not only as a distraction, but also to reduce anxiety and stress and transform the hospital environment.

Vicky Charnock, Arts Coordinator at Alder Hey, said: "Our project is about expanding our music programme here in the hospital. Music has proven health benefits. It can boost your recovery, it can make you feel better and it can reduce the amount of time that you actually stay in hospital.

"We've seen first hand how a child can be incredibly distressed about having an unpleasant procedure and when we get to work with them through the music programme we can get them much more relaxed and much more able to cope with hospital life."

Thank you so much to everybody who voted for Alder Hey, we simply would not be able to run this project without you!


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