Meet Huzaifah

Huziafah was transferred to Alder Hey when he was born after doctors discovered a heart murmur.

At Alder Hey he was diagnosed with complex cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease which was further complicated with valve problems. At only eight days old, he had his first operation for a pulmonary artery band which limited the amount of blood going to his lungs making it less congested. This has been followed with two further operations in 2004 and 2012 when he was fitted with a pacemaker.

Huzaifah may need a transplant in the future but for now he continues to visit the cardiac team at Alder Hey who are monitoring his progress.

Young Huzaifah says, “I would like to say that everyone at Alder Hey helped me a lot with what I have. They are friendly and look after me and most of all they remember who I am. I want to help and do a lot for the cardiac ward as they have done a lot for me. It means a lot and if it wasn’t for the NHS, how could my parents afford to have my operation done? Thank you Alder Hey for always looking after me.”

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