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Thank you for joining us and our speaker Jo Potier on the virtual ITT Conference 2020. 

"As we move between the “active” and “recovery” phases of the Covid-19 response and continue in the difficult task of managing the ongoing uncertainty of the situation we are in, we all know that we need to keep physically safe. But do we know how important it is to keep psychologically safe, for ourselves and for others?"  How we manage the emotional journey of Covid, and arrive at the other side psychologically healthy, is particularly important now as we are having to find new energy and ways of coping and innovating in our lives and our industries. Using evidence from psychology, disaster responses, and emerging research about the psychological impacts of Covid globally, this talk focussed on how we can understand and make sense of where we are in our emotional response to Covid, and what will help us to feel safe, keep going and remain connected to each other on our road to recovery. Watch Jo's presentation again below:


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Supporting the 7in10 Children's Mental Health Appeal

Our £3m 7in10 Children's Mental Health Appeal launched in early summer and addresses the fact that 7in10 children with mental health conditions do not get help early enough.  Alder Hey has begun building a new ‘Clinical Hub’ which will include new mental health outpatient facilities and a brand new twelve bed specialist inpatient mental health Unit, alongside other community health services. Located right next door to the hospital and within a modern, child-friendly building, the enhanced provision of mental health services will increase current available inpatient bed capacity and enabling more children to access the treatment they need, at the time they need it.

What is the 7in10 Appeal?

Shirley Ballas is the Appeal Ambassador and was keen to back the campaign saying: “Alder Hey means so much to me; it’s a world class place and the work they do there is inspiring and pioneering. To be asked to be part of the new £3m ‘7 in 10 Children’s Mental Health Appeal’ is an honour. I know from my own personal experience how important this work is. There is a very real need for children to have access to appropriate care and treatment as soon as possible. This Appeal is a chance for everyone to help shape the future of mental healthcare for children and young people across the whole country.” Watch this short film to find out more.


You can help to support the Appeal by making a donation here or buying our wonderful Matalan PJs, 100% of the profit from sales will support the campaign and the aims of the Appeal.



Lydia talks about here childhood experience as a user of the Mental Health Services at Alder Hey.

Lydia was almost 16 when she was referred into Alder Hey's community mental health services after visiting her GP, presenting with worries and behaviours that were constantly escalating. These behaviours made her feel very isolated, anxious and fearful. An appointment with a mental health practitioner and psychiatrist followed where Lydia began medication in order to get her to a point where she could then access talking therapies. She was diagnosed with OCD, anxiety and depression. Lydia says the diagnose was a relief to her and marked the start of a long recovery. She believes she will always live with OCD but doesn’t believe her diagnosis controls her. Lydia says she has learnt ways to live a more normal life, and was so inspired by her experiences at Alder Hey that she has now started training as a paediatric nurse. This is her story in her own words:

"Hi I’m Lydia and I have been a patient under CAMHS for 3 years. My journey began when I was 15. I had been struggling for a long time - I knew I needed help but was so scared and feared how those around me would react. Telling my parents was the hardest thing of all. Admitting that I was unwell and couldn’t help myself was scary. I was quickly assessed here at Alder Hey and have since had regular weekly appointments. I’m extremely grateful to all the staff at Alder Hey who have supported me in my darkest times. I have learnt to live and accept that my illness will always be with me; but I have been able to find ways to cope and can now look forward to the future - something that was not possible only a year ago.

I joined the ‘Fresh CAMHS participation group’ which has enabled me to use my own experiences of the service to have a voice in how the service can be improved and help many other children and young people. We recently created a ‘smashing stigma’ animation video, as well as working on the plans for the new building! I love meeting with other young people to help improve the service and feel part of the Alder Hey community.

I’m also a member of the Alder Hey Youth Forum - and have been able to represent the hospital at conferences. I cannot believe how many exciting things I have been a part of - all of which have come out of a not very good situation. I have so much to thank Alder Hey for.

I decided I wanted to be a children's nurse and started my paediatric nurse training in September; something that wouldn’t have been possible without all of Alder Hey’s support!"

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