At Alder Hey, we are using the donations platform Enthuse in a bid to help establish new supporter relationships, as well as strengthen existing ones, when it comes to raising money for our hospital. There are millions of wonderful people that fundraise for Alder Hey every year, whether that’s through bake sales and craft events or running and fitness challenges, and we believe that your hard work should be celebrated. By using Enthuse for donations, we are ensuring that we can connect with every single supporter on a personal level, showing that we appreciate each and every relationship. Enthuse is also a fantastic way for you, as a supporter of Alder Hey Children’s Charity, to find out about new fundraising events and ideas going on in the community, and getting involved in any way that you can! 

What can you do on the Enthuse platform?

The Enthuse platform allows you to make one-off donations to Alder hey Children’s Charity or register online for any fundraising events that you may like to take part in. You can also use Enthuse to gather inspiration for your very own fundraising event! Enthuse supports single donations as well as corporate set-ups and is super-easy to use for everyone! Enthuse works with over 3000 charities and we are extremely proud to be part of their portfolio and hope it will encourage as many people as possible to get involved with our fundraising community and work to make a difference to the lives of children all over the UK! The Enthuse platform is super-easy to use, but should you have any questions regarding your fundraising or donation, please don’t hesitate to contact Alder Hey!

Can I use it easily?

Yes! Enthuse runs in your browser, so there will be no need for you to download or install any additional software in order to run Enthuse as a platform! You can also use Enthuse as a guest, if you don’t want to sign up and create an account – it is totally up to you how you make your donations! If you do create an account, there are many super-cool tools available for you to use as you explore the platform. For example, ‘Manage’ is where you will find everything, from your very own fundraiser toolkit and easy-to-access event pages so that everything is in the one place and ready to go, when it comes to your fundraising efforts!

If you like the sound of Enthuse but are wondering why you should choose Alder Hey as the cause for your fundraiser, then you can click here to read all about the fantastic things that are achieved with your generous donations. As well as this, our ‘Magic’ and Run for Charity’ pages are perfect for anyone looking for some inspiration when it comes to a fundraising event. The COVID-19 pandemic has made large fundraising events pretty tricky. As well as this, the pandemic has seen the cancellation of many large running events, all of which have runners that are sponsored to take part, in aid of Alder Hey. With these events not happening, we are encouraging fundraisers now more than ever to join our Enthuse platform and seek to raise money for our charity virtually or in a way that is safe and adheres to the current government guidelines. Our hospital and its wonderful patients need your donations now more than ever, so please consider joining Enthuse and joining our community of fundraisers, today.


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