Avis will donation 10% of the value of your car rental to Alder Hey everytime you book a car via this link.



Here's what to expect from Avis:


Fully flexible car hire
Amend or cancel your booking for free should your plans change, and get a full refund.

Price Promise
You'll always get our best prices when booking on this site, or we’ll refund the difference.

Peace of mind vehicle cover
Our Comprehensive Zero-Excess cover product means no need to pay or claim.

Our safety pledge is our commitment to keeping you safe
We’ve partnered with Reckitt Benckiser, Columbia University and Hip Hop Public Health to ensure we take every step we can to maintain your safety.

Avis Inclusive
Enjoy worry-free rental with our inclusive rental package. For one upfront price, get free Roadside Assistance Plus and zero-excess cover at a 25% discounted rate.

Digital check-in
Get to your car quickly and safely with our digital check-in service. Reduce your time spent at the counter by providing your details in advance.

Avis Preferred tier extensions
We’ve extended our Avis Preferred tier statuses for an additional year, so you won’t lose out on any of the benefits you’ve acquired over time.

VIP treatment
Get priority counter service with Avis Preferred. And with the Avis app, at our larger locations you can go straight to your car where they keys will be waiting.


Your agreement is with Avis not Alder Hey Children's Charity.


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