Using Enthuse is a fantastic way of discovering more about your cause, making it super-easy for you to learn about the charity you’re fundraising for, whilst submitting your donations at the same time. At Alder Hey Children’s Charity, we want your donation experience to be as seamless as possible, which is why we are partnering with Enthuse, who celebrate the positive spirit of fundraising.

How do I use Enthuse?

Donating via enthuse is super-quick and easy and you can give once or regularly pay, in a way that you would prefer. If you would like to donate regularly, you can even securely store your payment details to make the donation process a lot quicker in the future. Enthuse will also give you the option to log in via your Facebook or Twitter account, saving the hassle of having to set up a whole account to submit your donation. If you’re unsure how to do this, there will be step by step instructions as you begin your donation. To speed things up even further, Enthuse includes a postcode look up which involves a rapid address entry. And finally, if you want to leave a donation to our charity anonymously, Enthuse allows for a no name checkout and also has a checkout as guest feature if you don’t want to create a full account with Enthuse and want to donate to our charity as a one-off. Donating to Alder Hey Children’s Charity really has never been easier.

Using Enthuse for Fundraising

As well as making donations, you can also use Enthuse to take part in virtual fundraising events, from running and fitness challenges to online quizzes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Enthuse has the perfect solution to your fundraising activities, which not only keeps Alder Hey’s supporters going during a national lockdown but also means we can continue doing our amazing work. Thanks to Enthuse, we can introduce fantastic fundraising events, despite the pandemic, so that we can continue to support our amazing patients. From setting fundraising targets to encouraging participants to track and set targets for physical challenges, Enthuse is a great way to not only donate to a fantastic cause but to also challenge yourself physically as you join thousands of others doing the same thing! You also won’t be alone on your fundraising journey, as Enthuse supports you on your way by posting event updates, photos and videos (which include livestreams) as you take part in your fundraising journey. For the competitive amongst our supporters, Enthuse will also provide leader boards, which you will find displayed on our event pages.

There’s no denying that recent events have put an end to the traditional way of fundraising for many of us, but that doesn’t mean we should stop in our efforts to support Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. By using Enthuse as a donation platform, Alder Hey is hoping to bring together a community of fundraisers that will not only uplift each other but also encourage donations to our cause, which we need now more than ever.

By signing up to Enthuse, you are giving yourself the opportunity to try something new during the lockdown period and bring a new-found excitement to the fundraising process as we explore different ways to raise money for Alder Hey, whilst keeping everyone motivated and in high spirits as the pandemic continues.

Using Strava for Enthuse

The fitness app Strava and the Enthuse fundraising platform can be integrated together to make for an even better fundraising experience. Charity supporters can record and share their indoor or outdoor fitness activity, including pictures and videos of their runs and other workouts, as well as location. The use of Strava alongside Enthuse helps to keep track of all the effort made for your chosen charity, in the time of COVID-19, when you’re likely to be taking part remotely. It can also be used to see if you have reached your overall event target, which is super handy as a lot of charity events can be distance or time-led.

Signing up to Strava

If you would like to take part in an Alder Hey fitness challenge but don’t yet have a Strava account, signing up is quick and easy. After you have downloaded the app, simply sign up using your personal details. For ease, you can sign up with your Facebook account, should you have one. Once you have inputted your details into Strava and shared your location, you can select the fitness tracker that you would like to add to your Strava account. There are many fitness trackers compatible with Strava, so it’s likely that the one you are using will be. Once you have linked the two, you are ready to begin tracking! Next time you take part in a fitness activity, you can track it on your fitness tracker, which will then send it over to Strava.

Connecting Strava to Enthuse

Connecting Strava to your personal fundraising page is simple. Once your fundraising page is built, you will find a ‘connect to Strava’ button part way down the page. Simply click here to connect your Strava up to your page. You will simply be asked to authorise the connection and then you should be good to go! You can now record your fitness challenges on your Strava, which will automatically be posted to Enthuse, to ensure that you are reaching your fundraising target – and encourage others to do so as well!


How do I fundraise as an individual with Enthuse?

If you are looking to take part in one of Alder Hey’s fundraising challenges, such as the Million Miles event, then you can register with Enthuse as an individual to track your progress. To register as an individual, simply click on the event you’d like to take part in (on the Alder Hey homepage) and you will be taken through to Enthuse to sign up. Here, you will be asked to register with your personal details. You will also be asked where you found out about the event, be that over social media or through a friend or colleague. Once this is done, you will be asked to set your event target (for example, the number of miles you are going to complete) – this target is totally unique to you and can be any number depending on your ability and how much time you have! Next, you will be taken to the merchandise page, where you can purchase one of our fantastic running or cycling boxes which will include a fundraising pack, an Alder Hey t-shirt, a medal and of course, some snacks to keep you going!! You are now ready to complete your registration and set your fundraising target! You can also customise your fundraising page with a photo as well as a fundraising story – why are you taking part in this charity challenge? This can encourage people to give to your cause!!

How do I fundraise with Enthuse as part of a team?

If you are taking part in a charity challenge as part of a team, then you can state this at the beginning of the Enthuse registration process. After inputting your personal details, simply choose to ‘create a team’ if you are the first out of your team to sign up, or you are the event organiser. If you are joining a team that is already registered, click ‘find’ and input the name of the team that you are joining!

If you would like more information about how your donations can help our charity, or would like some inspiration for your fundraising event with Enthuse, you can visit our Alder Hey Magic page. If you would like any more information about using Enthuse, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Alder Hey!

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