We have made sure that making a one-off donation to Alder Hey Children’s Charity is as quick and easy as possible. Whether you’re donating £1 or £1000, we are super-grateful for every contribution, which all goes towards making our hospital the best it possibly can be. From funding life-saving research to developing our fantastic hospital into a safe and happy place for all of our patients and their families, your donations really do make a difference.

Although you can raise money for our charity through different fundraising and fitness events, you can also simply donate a one-off amount on our website by clicking the ‘donate’ button in the top right corner. Clicking this button will take you through to our donations page, where you can select the amount that you wish to donate and the reason for this donation (if your reason for donating doesn’t appear in the drop-down list then you can select ‘other’). Then, all you have to do is enter your payment details and make your donation! We’d like to thank you in advance for considering Alder Hey as your chosen charity.

Why should I make a one-off donation to Alder Hey?

Whether you’re making a one-off donation or are setting up a direct debit to donate regularly, giving a donation to Alder Hey will make a huge difference to the lives of our patients. Without donations, our innovative facilities and outstanding care simply wouldn’t be able to exist. We want to make sure that every little person that comes into our care experiences that unmistakable Alder Hey Magic as we use your donations to pay for things like ward magicians and arts and crafts workshops, giving them as positive a hospital experience as possible.

How much should I donate to Alder Hey?

As mentioned above, there is no ‘right’ amount to donate to our charity – we appreciate every donation! Donating a bigger amount may be more achievable through fundraising. From bake sales and coffee mornings to fitness challenges and organised and sponsored running events, fundraisers not only raise vital funds for our hospital but also create a sense of community and connect you with likeminded people that want to do something for a good cause! Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, you might find yourself a little limited on fundraising activities and ideas that can be done within government guidelines. If this is the case, please do take a look at our virtual events and activities that can all be done safely, but still raise money for our charity! At a time like this, we need your generous donations more than ever, to support our patients, their families and our fantastic staff!

I’ve been fundraising – how do I pay in my donation?

If you have taken part in a fundraiser and been sponsored by family and friends, then you probably have some money to give to us – which is great! You can choose to print and fill out our online form in a PDF or you can submit your donation online, via our ‘Donate page – the choice is yours. Both processes are fairly simple but if you have any questions or are unsure of anything whilst submitting your donations, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Alder Hey team who can help you safely pay your donations to our charity!

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