Fundraising for charity can sometimes be quite a struggle to organise, which is why easy and fun fundraising ideas are often the most popular – because they are so straightforward to arrange!

Depending on where you are arranging your fundraising event to take place – such as at school, at your workplace or in a community centre – there are a variety of easy fundraising ideas you could consider to make your event as smooth and plain-sailing as possible.

Charity bake sale

One of the most popular options when it comes to raising money for charity is definitely baking cakes (and other sweet treats!) and selling them to your friends and family. Whether you are raising money for charity at work, school or elsewhere, charity bake sales are relatively straightforward. Simply ask everyone to bake a cake, cupcakes or whatever else they fancy, and bring them all in on the same day to sell to people in your school or workplace. Make sure everyone knows about it beforehand so they bring their spare change in on the day of the bake sale – you could put posters up to advertise your event. Don’t forget to let everyone know it’s for charity!

Sponsored silence

One of the most common easy fundraising ideas (particularly in schools!) is a sponsored silence. Never heard of this before? All it involves is getting as many people involved as possible, giving everyone a sponsorship form, and getting as many sponsors as possible to remain silent for a designated amount of time. This could be anything between an hour and a whole day – but obviously the longer you are silent for, the more challenging it will be. A sponsored silence to raise money for charity can be completed by anyone, anywhere, which is why it is such a popular fundraising idea.

Jumble sale

Easy fundraising ideas for the workplace are endless, but jumble sales have got to be one of the most common ways to raise money as quickly as possible! Simply ask everyone you work with, or everyone who works in your building, to bring in as many items as possible that they have either never used or hardly ever use, but they think still hold some value. Get everyone together to buy each other’s items for a small or reasonable price, and donate all the money to charity. Simple!

Sports day

An absolute favourite when it comes to easy fundraising ideas has got to be sports days. Whether it’s a light-hearted event with egg and spoon and sack races, or a competitive occasion with sprints and relays, sports days are a great way to get everyone involved for a good cause. If there is an existing sports day happening at a school, why not get everyone taking part to gather as many sponsors as they can beforehand? Or, alternatively, if you’re planning an office sports day or a sports day in your local community centre, get everyone taking part to gather sponsors beforehand, as well as paying to take part. A fun and competitive way to raise money for charity!

Charity run / walk

Probably the most popular way to fundraise is by taking part in a charity run or walk. Whether you decide to take part in a marathon or simply walk a 5km in your local park with friends or colleagues, it doesn’t matter – it’s all for a good cause and the effort you put in to raise money for charity is always appreciated. Just don’t forget to make it that extra bit more fun – why not take part in your run for charity in fancy dress, or do your charity walk handcuffed to your friends?!

Easy fundraising ideas UK

There are countless easy fundraising ideas to choose from, suiting people of all ages and abilities. Make sure you have the basics in place, such as sponsorship forms, collection tins or an online donation page, and some marketing materials to promote your event, whether it’s posters, emails or social media posts. No matter what it is you plan on doing, don't breakdown, as long as many people as possible are taking part, you are sure to host a successful fundraising event to raise money for charity.

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