When it’s time to come up with charity fundraising ideas, it can be a struggle when deciding on what to do, based  on what people will enjoy and be willing to take part in.

Not everybody enjoys running, and not everybody likes baking – the list of fundraising ideas for charity is endless, but ultimately, the goal is to get as many people involved as possible to maximise the amount of money raised.

Whether you’re looking for fundraiser ideas for work, school, a club you’re in, a community group or otherwise - to give you some food for thought, check out this A-Z of ideas for fundraising!

  • Run for charity– one of the best ways to fund raise is running for charity.

  • Auction – get everyone to bring in an item they don’t want or need, but it worth selling, and auction everything off! A fun way to not only raise money for charity, but also get rid of something you don’t use.

  • Bike ride – get people to sponsor you and your friends to cycle a certain number of miles.

  • Car wash – get your bucket and sponge out and charge people a few pounds to wash their cars – weather permitting!

  • Dress down day – whether it’s at work or school, get everyone to donate some money to come in in their casual clothes for the day.

  • Egg and spoon race – an oldie but a goodie! Charge people to take part in an egg and spoon race.

  • Five-a-side tournament – get your friends together, split into teams of five and take part in a five-a-side football tournament. Charge everyone who takes part to raise funds for charity.

  • Game-a-thon – get a few board games together and get people to donate a few pounds to take part in a board game marathon.

  • Hair shaving – whether it’s just a beard or your whole head, get sponsored to have some hair shaved off!

  • Indoor Olympics – ask people to donate money to take part in a few indoor Olympic-style sports.

  • Jumble sale – ask everyone at school or work to have a look at home for as many items as possible that they don’t want, and have a jumble sale – all money from sold items can be donated to charity.

  • Karaoke – get people to pay a couple of pounds to jump on the microphone and belt out their favourite songs!

  • Ladies’ Day – a popular fundraising idea is throwing a ladies’ day or night; get your female friends together for a catch up, and get everyone to bring an item of food or something to drink, as well as donating a couple of pounds to charity.

  • Marathon run for charity – check out our marathon training tips if you are considering running a marathon for charity. If you prefer a shorter run, then you can easily choose to do a 5k charity run, 10k charity run, half marathon run for charity and other kinds of races.

  • Name the teddy – name a teddy and get everyone to make a small donation. The winner gets the teddy!

  • Office collection – put a bowl or basket in your office and encourage everyone to put their spare change in whenever possible.

  • Penalty shootout – get your friends or colleagues to take part in a friendly football challenge and charge them a small fee to take part.

  • Quiz night – download a fun quiz online and charge your friends or colleagues to take part.

  • Raffle – ask around for someone to donate a prize for a raffle, then charge everyone £1 per ticket.

  • Skydive – if you’re feeling brave, or you’re simply a thrill seeker, get sponsored to take part in a skydive!

  • Treasure hunt – get people to donate some sweet treats, create a treasure map and hide the treats. Charge people to take part following your map to find the prizes!

  • Unwanted presents – everyone receives presents they don’t particularly like on their birthday. Get people to bring in their unwanted presents and sell them to each other – all money can go to charity.

  • Vacation guessing – get everyone to bring in a photo taken on holiday; the game is to guess where the photo was taken! Everyone who plays has to donate £1.

  • Walk – a sponsored walk is a popular choice with those who don’t fancy taking part in a sponsored run!

  • X-Box tournament – get everyone to donate some money and take part in a competitive X-box (or Playstation!) marathon.

  • Yoga marathon – see who lasts the longest in a yoga marathon, and ask everyone who takes part to donate a small fee to charity.

  • Zumba – ask participants to put on their comfy clothes and take donate some money to take part in a Zumba class for charity.

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