There are a numbers of considerations that must be made for running in the cold weather – from what to wear, to planning routes on safe and non-slippery terrain, to keeping warm and even motivating yourself to get out there in the shorter days.

Winter Running Tips

Sometimes, the idea of going out for a run can be less than appealing. Add in shorter, darker days, reduced temperatures and the call of a cosy hot chocolate by the fire – and it seems impossible to get yourself out for a run. Luckily, there are a number of things that can make winter running a much easier achievement.

Running with a buddy and running indoors on a treadmill are just a couple of ways to make running in cold weather that little bit more bearable. Read on to discover more of our top tips for winter running.

Winter Running Motivation

Motivation to go for a run can hit all time lows in the winter, when it’s cold and dark. A few ways that you can ensure you stay motivated to keep on top of your training are:

  • Find a running buddy – arranging to go out for a run with someone else will make you less able to change your mind and stay in at the last minute.
  • Warm up – not only will this help to reduce the risk of injury in colder temperatures, but it will help to get you mentally and physically pumped for your run. Try stretching, jumping jacks and/or skipping rope indoors for ten minutes before you head out.
  • Pay less attention to pace – staying steady on your feet and avoiding slips and falls is more important than achieving a new PB in the winter.
  • Dress for the weather – you’ll need to tailor your clothing and gear to the colder weather. Keep reading for winter running gear tips.

Winter Running Gear

The way that you dress for winter running is important – not only do you need to dress for warmth and dryness (in case of rain), but you’ll also need to ensure you wear breathable layers that you can easily shed if you need to, once you warm up. Winter’s shorter days mean that you may also need to consider how well you can be seen whilst you’re out for your run, and you may want to invest in reflective clothing or gear.

Winter Running Shoes

Easily the most important item of all your winter running clothes, your shoes will need to be able to cope with potentially wet and slippery surfaces so that you don’t slip and fall. You may also want to consider a shoe that protects better against wetness than your summer running shoes may.

Winter Running Tights

A staple of the winter running wardrobe, tights can make all the difference in the cold. Running tights are designed to keep your legs warm against the biting cold air, whilst still allowing your skin to breathe and cool after you start exercising.

Running Tops for Winter

The top that you choose to wear in the winter often comes down to preference. Some runners opt for long sleeved running tops, whilst others may just pair their summer running tops with a mid-layer or protective outer layer. Experimentation will help you know what’s right for you.

Winter Running Jacket

An outer-layer is essential for running in the winter. Not only will you want this to protect against the cold, but also against rain or snow. Bear in mind that outer layers can always be shed during a run if the weather conditions change.

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