Sunrise to Sunset Challenge

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Run the The Sunrise to Sunset Challenge

Run off those Christmas calories by taking part in the Sunrise to Sunset challenge. This lap race takes place typically in late December and at The Shrewsbury Cycle Track in Sundorne, Shropshire. The idea behind this race is for participants to cover as much distance as possible between sunrise and sunset.  However, you do not have to run for the whole time the sun is up, you can do a 10K, half-marathon, marathon or an ultra. It's up to you.

The course is a 1K purpose-built cycle track and is considered a fast-paced course, so ideal for those looking to improve their PBs. Every time you complete a lap, your lap card will be stamped and you can compete for the fastest lap time. This event is popular with experienced runners and those who are looking to break into ultra-running races. The Sunrise to Sunset challenge is a great event to start with if you are thinking about taking part in an ultra-running event. Whatever distance you choose, there will be plenty of food and drink available as well as music and entertainment. 

If you are looking for charity marathon races or 10k charity races to take part in this year then why not run the Sunrise to Sunset challenge for charity? At Alder Hey, we rely on runners like you taking part in charity challenges to help us achieve our goals of making Alder Hey Children's Hospital a world-leading patient-led facility. If you want to run for charity, find out you can raise funds for Alder Hey here

If the The Sunrise to Sunset Challenge is your challenge for Alder Hey, here's the four key steps you should take now:

  1. Email us or call us on 0151 252 5716 with your name, address and details of your run for charity.
  2. Help friends, family and colleagues support you easily by sponsoring you online. Set up a free online donation page with JustgivingVirgin Money Giving or My Donate - they all automatically transfer the money you've raised to us after your charity running event.
  3. Check out our downloads page for a fundraising pack and an offline sponsorship form. 
  4. Spread the word and start preparing! Use your social networks and community organisations to let people know what you're doing - you can share your online donation page really easily on Facebook and Twitter.
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