Run Aintree 10K

The Aintree 10k race is a fantastic way of putting your fitness to the test and raising money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity at the same time! The Aintree 10k route is an iconic one as runners gallop around the grand national racecourse either chasing a PB or enjoying their first Aintree racecourse 10k at a world-famous location. The Aintree 10k is perfect for experienced runners wanting to get miles under their belt as well as intermediate and beginners who have completed the appropriate amount of training miles before undertaking the 6-mile distance. Being around the racecourse, this is a flat race so is also perfect for any runners looking to achieve a 10K and the themed medal and goodie bag at the end makes it all worthwhile! If you would love to get involved with run Aintree 10K, you can register above.

Raising money for Alder Hey

Taking part in and completing a 10k race is a fantastic achievement for any runner and to make it even better you can pair this achievement with a cheque raised for Alder Hey Children’s Charity to commemorate all of your hard work! Our website contains a whole host of helpful information about how to run a race for charity and what better way than to be sponsored for a Liverpool 10k – the home of Alder Hey! Once you have entered the Run Aintree 10K, you can begin your fundraising journey by letting close friends and family know about your efforts – and don’t forget to post on social media! The best way to raise money for a Aintree 10k in 2022 is by setting up a JustGiving page – this means that any sponsorship money that is sent your way will then be automatically transferred over to us at Alder Hey – so all you need to do is get running! Good luck!

Training for the Aintree 10K

If you’re an experienced runner that is used to running 6 miles or more then you will probably be ok with just a few warm-up runs throughout the week leading up to the race, but if you’re new to running, part of your training plan should involve covering comfortably at least a five-mile distance before race day to ensure you’re up for the challenge! Whilst races take place throughout the yea, so temperatures have dropped a little since the hot summer races, it’s still super important to remain hydrated throughout the race and to fuel yourself on a good breakfast – eaten at least two hours before you’re due to start running! Porridge, wholemeal toast, bananas and bagels are all great for fuelling a run, whether that’s during your training or on the day itself! The race should be run in proper, supportive running shoes that fit you well and provide cushioned protection for the foot and ankle to avoid injury! Remember that if this is your first Aintree 10k or you have only recently started running regularly, this is going to be a challenge for your fitness – but don’t give up!

If you have decided to complete the Run Aintree 10K in aid of Alder Hey but would like a little more information either about how to go about doing so, or what our charity work involves, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. Happy running!

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