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Due to COVID-19 restrictions the usual upcoming running events calendar is subject to many cancellations, changes and much uncertainty! This doesn't mean our running heroes can't support us, we know how amazing you are and how hard you work for us, so we have our Million Miles Challenge, a virtual run that you can do whenever and wherever you can – and every step you run counts. Find out more here.


Running long distance can often be quite boring, so why not mix it up a bit and try an charity obstacle course. These types of events usually include fun and physically demanding challenges every couple of kilometres, which nicely breaks up the distance of the race and keeps competitors excited with fun throughout the entire run. Charity obstacle course runs are also great events for children as they often offer themed events such as The Colour Run and the Spartan Race, which help to get runners of all ages involved in an exciting and dynamic event.

If you sign up to a charity obstacle run you might face challenges such as:

  • A free fall
  • Bouldering wall
  • Running over fire
  • Sliding down inflatables
  • Climbing over walls
  • Monkey bars
  • Scaling mud mountains
  • Balancing on tightropes
  • Crawling under barbed wire

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Charity Obstacle Course

Charity obstacle course runs are often set out over 5k or 10k routes, but can be longer. For those new to running, this distance could sound quite daunting, but big chunks of time during the run can be spent tackling each obstacle, so your training should reflect this. To prepare your body for obstacle course races, you will need to build up your stamina as well as strength, as you’ll need to complete obstacles such as monkey bars and climbing over 6ft walls, which will drain your energy. Often, if you fall off an obstacle, you will get covered in water and mud which will make your body temperature drop and this can also have an impact on your ability to run. The aim is to complete the obstacles without getting wet so make sure to lift weights and tone your muscles in the weeks leading up to the event.

Obstacle 5k and 10k runs are some of the most challenging running events that you can take part in; but, if you’re able, we’d love you to help us raise money, awareness and support for Alder Hey Children’s Charity through your participation.

Please let us know of your upcoming plans to run for Alder Hey Children’s Charity as we’d love to hear your story, find out about your support and why you want to help our children’s charity. You can contact our team on 0151 252 5716 or email us with your name, address and details of the event. Once you’ve found an event that you’d like to take part in, make sure to post about it on social media and tag @AlderHeyCharity. You can also download our handy fundraising pack and sponsorship form so that you can start to ask family members, friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

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