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Run a charity run in Liverpool for Alder Hey

Alder Hey Children’s Charity is of the obvious choice for charity runs in Liverpool. Competing in a charity run is no mean feat, but the sense of reward that comes with completing a race that you have trained for is second to none. As well as this, knowing you’ve raised money for your chosen charity is a pretty cool feeling. When searching for charity runs to do  in Liverpool, it’s just as important to challenge yourself as well as know your limits. Luckily, there are a whole host of charity runs in Liverpool available to choose from; from 5k and 10k charity runs in Liverpool right through to marathons. Choose your run wisely, start your fundraising and make a difference in style!

In Liverpool:

If you’re a beginner, then 5k’s in Liverpool are probably a great place to start, but if you’re a little more advanced you can always raise money by running a 10k or even a half marathon. When it comes to 10k’s in Liverpool, Alder Hey are the experts, with their very own 10k. Join that and many more charity runs in Liverpool. Here are some of our top picks:

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Why choose a charity run in Liverpool?

Not only is there an abundance of choice when it comes to charity runs in Liverpool, whether that’s 10k charity runs or even marathons – Liverpool is also a great city to host a charity event. If you are worried about running for the first time, there is no better city to receive a huge amount of support, with a crowd cheering you on for every last mile. Don’t want to run alone? Why not run and raise money in a team? Charity runs in Liverpool, such as those listed above, welcome runners in groups to take part and raise money altogether, whether that’s a running club or simply a group of runners looking to support each other. Don’t want to run at all? Then why not look up Liverpool charity walks. A challenge is a challenge and if you can do it whilst raising money for Alder Hey children’s charity, then you’re a superstar!

FAQ’s for charity runs in Liverpool:

Here we have answered a few questions that you might have about charity runs in Liverpool, such as how long you need to prepare for your charity running event, what equipment you’ll need for both training and the day, as well as what you should eat to ensure that you have optimal fuel levels during the event!

How long do I need to train for?

It really depends on what distance you are planning on running and how soon your charity run in Liverpool is. For a short distance, such as a 5k charity run (3 miles), a few months of training, slowly building up to the distance is recommended for beginner runners. Events such as Parkrun will help you get used to comfortably running the distance, as well as recording your time for you. If you already run and are challenging yourself with a new charity run in Liverpool, you might need to give yourself a little longer. For example, if you’ve only ever run 5K but are determined to finish a half marathon, you will need to slowly build up to the distance over a period of about 6 months. Increasing your miles too quickly may result in injury.

What equipment do I need?

For a charity run in Liverpool, you will need to ensure you have a comfortable pair of running shoes that are going to support your feet throughout your training programme as well as on the actual day of your Liverpool charity event. As well as this, a runner’s belt for essentials such as valuables and water is recommended, as well as lightweight breathable clothing and well-fitting socks. A good pair of headphones and some motivating songs to listen to can often help runners who are participating in a charity run in Liverpool make it to the finish!

How much money should I raise?

It’s the taking part that counts so raising as much money as you can is absolutely fine. Every little helps towards the amazing work of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Can I raise money in a group?

Yes! As mentioned above, you can take part in both charity runs in Liverpool and charity walks in Liverpool as part of a team, whether that’s a group of friends or as part of a running club, all working together to raise money.

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