Due to COVID-19 restrictions the usual upcoming running events calendar is subject to many cancellations, changes and much uncertainty! This doesn't mean our running heroes can't support us, we know how amazing you are and how hard you work for us, so we have our Million Miles Challenge, a virtual run that you can do whenever and wherever you can – and every step you run counts. Find out more here.


Based on running as a team, Tough Mudder encourages group sign up and challenges participants with extreme obstacles along the way. Get ready to be covered in mud, climbing over walls and jumping into plunge pools of mud. The explosive event takes place throughout the UK.

Usually costing around £39, Tough Mudder is a brilliant team bonding event and includes a variety of levels to accommodate a wide range of runners. Whether you’re young, old or an experienced runner, there is a route especially designed for you.

Age Restriction: Mini Mudder is for 7+ , Tough Mudder is for 16+

Route Length: 5K standard route but alternative levels available

Cost: Approximately £39

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