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Iconic in in the city, the Liverpool tunnel run spans ten kilometres and sees runners pass through the famous Mersey tunnel, during the route. Running this Liverpool 10k is a fantastic opportunity to improve your fitness as well as raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity at the same time. Read more to find out how you can take part.

Liverpool 10K Tunnel Run

Taking place on Sunday 19th April 2020, the Mersey Liverpool tunnel run is a great day out for both the experienced runner looking for a personal best and a brand new runner looking for a challenge. Steeped in Liverpool’s history, the Liverpool tunnel run’s route takes runners underneath the river Mersey via the Kingsway tunnel and out onto the Wirral side of the river. Runners then run along the River Mersey up into New Brighton. The Liverpool 10k tunnel run has a fantastic atmosphere and is a great choice for raising money for Alder Hey, with our charity being based in Liverpool. 

Do I need to train for the Liverpool Tunnel Run?

The amount of training that you need to do for any 10K race will depend on your fitness in the first place. If you are an experienced runner already, then you might only need to do a couple of six mile runs to completely prepare your body, but if you are taking on a brand new challenge, then making sure you’ve completed the full distance before race day is helpful. Not only will this prepare you fitnesswise for the distance, it will also give you an idea of the sort of time you can expect and help you to pace yourself through the miles, making sure that you reach the finish. As well as improving your running, you must also make sure that you’re fully fuelled for the race, ensuring you eat a balanced diet leading up to the day and an energy-filled breakfast on the morning of the race. 

Liverpool 10K Tunnel Run Photos

Some 10K races have photographers on hand to capture the day. If you’re running for the Liverpool tunnel run for Alder Hey, it would be great to see your photos, especially if you’re in fancy dress! You can find photos in the Liverpool tunnel run gallery on the BTR Liverpool website, which will be available a few days after the race!

Liverpool 10k Tunnel Run Results

Whether you’re attempting a personal best or the Liverpool tunnel run will be your first 10K, it’s always good to know your overall time. The Liverpool 10k tunnel run is chip timed, meaning that the number you wear on the day will record the time between crossing the start line and reaching the finish, to get an accurate reading of your time. If you receive your Liverpool Tunnel Run number in the post, be sure not to bend the chip, as this may risk it not being recognised. 

You can contact Alder Hey to find out how you can run the Liverpool Tunnel Run and raise money for our fantastic children’s charity at the same time, by clicking here.

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