Choosing a charity to run for is completely your decision as they all help to raise money for fantastic causes, no matter what that cause may be. You might have a charity that is personal to you or close to the hearts of family and friends, in which case you might want to run a charity race for them, but if you are wondering what amazing cause you could complete your running challenge for, we at Alder Hey would love it if you could consider running for our children’s charity. We rely on donations to help us continue doing our amazing work for children across the UK – you can find out more about how we have changed the lives of others, by clicking here.

Running for charity is not only a fantastic way to donate to a charity of your choice but a great way to improve your own physical fitness. Whether you’re a new runner and want to try out a 5k or even 10k race for charity or whether you’re experienced with races and are planning to undergo something seriously challenging such as a marathon, triathlon or a Tough Mudder experience, running for charity is something that everyone can get involved with, starting with you!

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