Many people ask, ‘is the colour run for charity?’ as it’s a popular race that sees many people taking part every year, all over the country. The answer is, yes, of course, it is! You can choose to run the colour run for any charity you choose and we would absolutely love it if you could run it for Alder Hey Children’s Charity to help us to continue doing the amazing work that we do here at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. For those that are unaware, the colour run is a fantastic day out for all the family and whilst it puts your fitness to the test, it is also an amazing, unforgettable day! Every runner starts out with a white t-shirt and by the end, it is filled with colour! The colour run takes place up and down the country and so it’s worth checking exactly where your local colour run is and the date that you need to train for! Most colour runs are 5k which is the perfect distance for anyone challenging their fitness on a short run for the first time and also means that the distance is walkable should anyone want to take part with children. Find out more about how you can take part in the colour run for Alder Hey by clicking here.

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