As you may know, Alder Hey Children’s Charity successfully raises money for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, the biggest children’s medical facility in the North West. The hospital relies on donations from the public. A big source of Alder Hey’s donations are raised through charity events and people running for charity. From Half Marathon Events to The Colour Run and even fun runs for children, there’s something for everyone to take part in. Undertaking a running challenge whilst raising money for Alder Hey is not only an excellent way of contributing to a fantastic cause but is also a great opportunity to undertake your own personal challenge. For those living in the Chester area of the North West, there’s plenty of charity events and local runs in Chester for you to get your teeth into. Complete your charity challenge in Chester today and raise money for a life-changing charity.

Charity Challenges in Chester

Whether you’re looking for half marathon races or want to add a 10k to your running calendar, there’s a whole host of different events for a range of different abilities. If you’re an experienced, long distance runner or are looking to undertake your first long distance challenge after a significant period of training and preparation, you might want to consider the following events:

 The MBNA Chester Marathon

For those really looking for a challenge, the well-organised and amazingly supported Chester Marathon is a great choice. Training for a marathon is no mean feat and the day itself can be extremely tough, but the sense achievement and feeling of reward that comes with crossing the finish line, is second to none. This is even better when you know you’ve managed to raise a significant amount for a well-deserving charity. The marathon day includes a number of different running events, from the main marathon, the metric marathon (26.2km) and the half – perfect for those that are searching for half marathon events within the city. This year, the Chester Marathon will take place on 6th October.

The Cheshire Half

The Cheshire Half is a great opportunity for those looking to challenge themselves to a half marathon running event and raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity at the same time. Starting and finishing outside of the stunning Capesthorne Hall, the Cheshire half marathon is definitely one to add to your running events calendar. Taking place this year on 1st September 2019, you can follow the link above to challenge yourself whilst also raising money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Run for Charity

You can easily find any running or other charity challenges on our run for charity page. If you are considering undertaking a running challenge for charity, why not take a look at the Alder Hey running hub? This is the perfect place to find out about running events as well as to help you get started on your running race calendar. Here, you can also find some really handy advice about nutrition to fuel your run and training smart to avoid injury. Any charity running event or long-distance race can be daunting, but the end result is definitely worth it. Begin your charity challenge in Chester and the surrounding areas today and raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity!

Picked your event? Here are 4 easy steps to begin your Alder Hey charity challenge

  1. First, register for the race directly with the organisers of the event – this is usually done online. Then email us or call us on 0151 252 5716 with your name, address and details of what you're doing.
  1. Setting up a donation page so that friends and family can support you in your challenge is your next step. The best way to do this is by using JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving or My Donate as these will then automatically transfer the money to your chosen charity once the charity event or race is over.
  1. Check out our downloads page for a fundraising pack and an offline sponsorship form.
  1. Spread the word! Don’t forget to give people the opportunity to donate to your cause by spreading the word on your social media channels and even through work and clubs. The more people you can get to donate, the better  - it’s easier to feel motivated when you have a support network of people!
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