Charity Marathon Races

If you are running a full marathon for charity, you will need to take part in several weeks of intensive training and adjust your diet to support your increased activity, as well as the number of calories that you will be consuming and burning during your programme. If you're not ready for a full charity marathon, then take a look at our 5k charity runs, 10k charity runs and half marathons for charity if they are more suitable. You can even do a charity walk event if that is what you prefer.

Running A Marathon For Charity

Running a marathon for charity is approximately 26 miles (42 kilometres) and you will need to start preparing your body for the stress that running such a distance is going to have. Despite how much pain and how tired you will be once you’ve crossed over the finish line, the feeling of accomplishment is like nothing else. Running a marathon for charity is something to be proud of, as it takes not only dedication, but guts to sign up and take part in the event.

An average marathon runner will need to train for around 12 to 20 weeks depending on your personal fitness level and stamina. During the race, you should expect to burn around 2,600 calories. This is why diet plays a crucial role in how well you perform on the day. Eating a carbohydrate rich and balanced meal the night before the charity marathon will help to give you the energy required to run the full 26 miles. Staying hydrating is also a major key to your success and you will need to take time during the race to drink water in order to keep going.

The morning before the charity marathon, try to eat a breakfast high in low GI carbohydrates such as a bowl of porridge with fruits, a chicken sandwich and some fruit or a bagel with peanut butter.

Charity Marathons

If you want to register your interest in an upcoming event such as the run London marathon for charity, you’ll need to find a charity marathon that is either close to where you live or organised by a charity or cause that you want to raise awareness and support for.

Have a quick look through our  list of upcoming charity marathons below and make sure you contact the event organiser with regards to  taking part. Some events have a limit to the number of runners who can register, as well as a limit to the number of charity sponsored runners who can take part.


Are you brave enough to take on the London Marathon?


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