Half Marathon Races

Approximately 13.1 miles, if you’re a frequent runner you could be ready to start training for a half marathon, especially if you’re running three miles or more on a regular basis.

Preparing your mind and body for one of the many half marathon races in the UK will require a number of weeks of intensive training in order to build up your stamina.

Depending on whether this will be your first half marathon or whether you’re a keen competitor looking to improve your average time, will determine how hard and for how long you will need to train. If you’re fairly new to running, try to run for at least 20 minutes, two to four times per week. For those looking to beat their best time, aim to run faster and for an increased length of time.


Half Marathon List

You may need to sign up in advance to take part in a half marathon event in the UK, especially if you’re raising awareness for a charity or cause, so it’s important to check the UK list of upcoming half marathons to find your nearest event or an event that is being organised by the charity you would like to support.

Browse through our list  of half marathons below but remember to make sure that you follow through with a training plan and by  eating a healthy and balanced diet in order to have the best possible chance of getting over the finish line.

If you’re interested in running a half marathon, make sure to check out Frome Half Marathon.

If you’re looking for a half marathon event, why not try the Great North Run.


Half Marathons 2018 

Please be aware that some of the events listed below take place on an annual basis and you should check the event organiser’s website or half marathon calendar for more information.

Half marathon finder:

Manchester Half Marathon

Great British Half Marathon

Scottish Half Marathon

Cardiff Half Marathon

Salisbury Half Marathon

Bournemouth Half Marathon

Great Birmingham Run

Bath Half Marathon

The Big Half (London)

We wish you the best of luck on the day of the event!

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