5K Races

Running is one of the best ways to quickly boost your endorphin levels and raise your heart rate to help burn excess fat. A cardiovascular exercise such as running or speed walking makes your heart work harder as it pumps blood to your vital organs. Staying active throughout the week will help to keep your mind and body healthy and running for charity is one way of maximising your efforts and giving something back to your community.

Charity runs often start with a 5K race. The course may be set out in a country estate, local park or large outdoor area in which a 5km route can be easily laid out. Taking approximately 30-60 minutes to complete depending on your fitness level, this is a good race for someone fairly new to running. It is also a great charity event for those who want to walk or jog the route whilst raising money for charity, especially for those who have young children or those who are older.

5K Races

Alder Hey have a number of 5k charity runs throughout the year which you can sign up for online. In fact the Knowsley Harriers AC put on free 5k monthly races to give runners of all abilities the opportunity to test themselves over a 5K distance in a fully licensed race. The route is completely flat and is an ideal first step to becoming a long distance runner. In 2017, the race helped to raise money and awareness for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Now an Alder Hey 5K charity race is held every first Saturday of each month at 10am. There is no need to sign up before the race, just turn up, register and off you go!

For more information contact Knowsley Harriers.

Race Finder

Where can you find out when the next 5km charity run will take place? Coming back to the Alder Hey Charity website is a great place to start as we update the list of upcoming charity runs so that you can prepare in advance for the race.

You can also browse online and across social media to find out where some of the best 5k races take place and when you need to sign up to take part. 

Below are a couple of websites worth checking out when searching for a 5k charity run near you:




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