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Join in and enjoy Oli's Urban Safari Walk!


Each year Oli’s Safari Walk raises £50,000 for Alder Hey Children’s Charity. Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we have had to cancel our 10th May event, which leaves us with a significant shortfall in income.

Oli’s Urban Safari Walk has been created to help Alder Hey Children’s Charity lessen the financial impact that the loss of this event will have on the Charity and our amazing NHS colleagues.


• Click on the link below and pay a £5 fee for Oli’s Urban Safari Walk (if you have already registered for this year’s Oli’s Safari Walk you will automatically be sent a link to download the Urban Safari Walk pack)
• Download your Urban Safari Walk pack
• Plan your Urban Safari Walk route – the average walking pace for a leisurely stroll is approx. 5km/hour so a 3km route should be comfortable enough to do in under an hour…even with prams, dogs and toddlers in tow!
• Ask family and friends to support you and Alder Hey by donating £1 for each km walked - they shouldn't join in! Tell them to download their own packs!
• Complete your walk, spotting as many of the ‘urban safari animals’ listed as possible, plus any additional ones you may encounter on route. Add up your points and let us know how you got on.
• Remember to take plenty of pictures on route and share them with us on your social media platforms, making sure you tag us in!


Click  here to sign up and download your pack instantly!

Thanks to Emma Arends for sending this message!



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