Weird ways to raise money for charity

Weird ways to raise money for charity

Whether you’re an experienced fundraiser or you are brand new to it all, making it fun is what makes fundraising so enjoyable! When you’re raising money for charity you may as well get all your friends, family and colleagues involved to raise as much money as possible – so the more fun you’re all having together, the better.

Here at Alder Hey Children’s Charity, we’ve picked up a few things along the way that we would like to share with you – some weird and wonderful ways to raise money for charity:


Although it might not sound like a weird way to raise money, charity skydives are one of the weirdest things you can do! When you think about it, strapping a parachute to your back and jumping out of a plane to raise money is a little different to a simple bake sale, isn’t it?! But, if you have the guts to do a skydive for charity, it is sure to be one of the most exhilarating and exciting experiences of your life.

Street Art

With street art becoming increasingly popular in cities across the globe, it is the perfect way to get people involved and raise money for charity. If you contact a few local street artists (ideally who have a large social following and can spread the word) to get involved, they can draw in the crowds to watch them paint live – whether it’s on a wall, or just on a large blank canvas! Sell raffle tickets whilst the artists are at work, or encourage revellers to give a donation fee when they arrive.

Head Shaving

You’ve probably heard of people shaving their heads for charity, but may not have known anyone who has done it – but that’s because it is still quite a rare way to raise money! Whether you are happy having your hair shaved short for a few months, or you have purposely grown your hair to have it shaved off for charity, raising money through head shaving is an incredibly brave way to raise money for charity. We applaud you all!

Adopting a Roost

If you are thinking of ways to raise money at work with your colleagues, why not do something a little bit “out there”?! Alder Hey in the Park is now home to the Roost – the mesmerising hanging sculpture in the hospital. This beautiful work of art features hand-painted wooden birds, animals and other creatures, and only 100 are available to adopt. If you are thinking of ways to support Alder Hey Children’s Charity, why not get your company to adopt a Roost creature? Not a conventional way to raise money, but definitely a weird and wonderful way!

If you have any more ideas or suggestions of ways to raise money for charity, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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