The new hub is right on target!

The new hub is right on target!

Charity trustees visit Sunflower House.

Alder Hey Children's Charity trustees Kirsty Muir and Sarah Robinson had a tour of our new Mental Health Hub recently including Sunflower House and the Catkin Centre. The structure of the build is complete so they were fascinated to look inside  and picture how all of the rooms will look when they are completed and enhanced, a key part of what the charity is funding. They saw the bedrooms, the kitchen-diner space, what will be the Dewi Jones Garden and the therapy rooms.

Kirsty said  "I can hardly comprehend what has been achieved in the space of less than a year on the main development and of course, all during the pandemic. It really brought to life the impact that the fundraising from the 7in10 Charity Appeal has had on the design - the use of timber, all en suite rooms with a high ceiling and temperature control, proximity to nature, carefully thought out sensory room and the amazing diner, plus the plans for Art and Music therapy. I was honestly bowled over by it."

Sarah added "The Catkin Building and Sunflower House will make such a difference to children and families across the region and the country. It was very clear to see how patients and their families are at the heart of the design. It was a real privilege to visit".

You can find out more about the charity's £3m 7in10 Children's Mental Health Appeal  here.



Watch the video! Lisa Cooper shows how things are progressing inside the new Sunflower House, thanks to your donations.

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