Ted McCaffrey switches on Downing Street Christmas Lights

Ted McCaffrey switches on Downing Street Christmas Lights

Congratulations to the AMAZING Ted McCaffrey who switched on the Downing Street Christmas lights. Ted is 8 years old and one of Alder Hey's Charity Ambassadors, also received a Points of Light Award for his Team Ted campaign from the Prime Minister.

Ted was just one year old when he was diagnosed with subaortic stenosis at Alder Hey after doctor’s spotted a heart murmur during a check-up. Ted also successfully underwent surgery to repair the damaged valve in his heart.  

Ted then went on to raise over £80,000 for Alder Hey's Charity through his Team Ted campaign. 

He got to meet the Prime Minister and join in the festive celebrations with his family before switching on the Downing Street Christmas lights

Ted is the latest recipient of a Point of Light award, which recognises outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements. 

20 young Points of Light who have transformed the lives of others will join Ted for the ceremonious occasion.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Ted is a truly inspirational young boy.  He has shown incredible strength and generosity in overcoming his own health challenges and doing so much to help other young children who are treated at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.  He has raised a fantastic amount of money and will put a smile on the face of young patients this Christmas with the presents he is collecting.  I am delighted that he is joining me to turn on the Downing Street Christmas Lights this year as the UK’s 413th Point of Light.”

 Ted said:

“I can’t believe I’m the lucky person that gets to turn on the Christmas lights this year - it’s very exciting! Getting to meet the Prime Minister is great and so many children who are helping others. It’s been a magical day.”

Ted is the 413th winner of a UK Points of Light award, which has been developed in partnership with the hugely successful Points of Light programme in the USA and was first established by President George H. W. Bush. Over 5,000 US Points of Light have been awarded and both President George H. W. Bush and President Barack Obama have publicly supported the partnership with Points of Light UK which honours shining examples of volunteering across the country.


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