Pinarello Bikers Present £264,000 to Alder Hey Children’s Charity

Pinarello Bikers Present £264,000 to Alder Hey Children’s Charity

Four cyclists completed a remarkable bike ride to raise over £250,000 for Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Sambro’s Nikki Samuels, Bobby Arora, owner of B&M, Simon Showman from Ultimate Products and Naresh Abrol from Union Property, dubbed the Pinarello Bikers, completed a 600km cycle from Perpignan to the Antibes in five days to raise an incredible £264,000 for Alder Hey Children’s Charity. The money raised will be used to buy much needed neurosurgery equipment at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

The Pinarello Bikers presented a cheque of £264,000 to Alder HeyPresenting a cheque for £264,001 to the hospital, the team was delighted to meet Benedetta Pettorini, one of the Consultant Neurosurgeons at Alder Hey. Ms. Pettorini is one of the surgeons who will be using the new equipment purchased with the donation, and who will lead a research project to help make surgery even safer and less invasive for young patients.

Bobby Arora on behalf of all the Pinarello Bikers said:

“None of us had ever done any serious cycling before, so doing over 600 km in 5 days was a big challenge and some days were really hard. However this is as nothing compared to the dedication of all the staff and volunteers at Alder Hey and Alder Hey Children’s Charity. Their efforts inspired us to keep going and we are so pleased and proud to have raised enough money to buy the neurosurgery equipment. Benedetta and her team are absolutely world class and we are so lucky to have them here in the North West. I would urge everyone reading to support them and Alder Hey Hospital in any way that they can.”

John Armstrong, Director of Philanthropy at Alder Hey Children’s Charity said:

”We would like to congratulate everyone involved for completing their incredible bike ride across France. We are extremely grateful that they have chosen to raise money for Alder Hey and for the truly remarkable amount the amount of money they have raised. This money will be used to purchase life-saving equipment in our new hospital which will help our neurosurgery teams continue to provide a world-class service to patients throughout the UK.”

Do something remarkable today and donate to Alder Hey Children’s Charity to support the remarkable children at Alder Hey. Donations can be made online or by dropping in to the fundraising office at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

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