Lottery Winner knits a bundle for Alder Hey!

Lottery Winner knits a bundle for Alder Hey!

Neonatal babies welcomed with bespoke range of handmade outfits 

Neonatal babies at Alder Hey have been receiving some TLC and a warm welcome into the world from a big-hearted National Lottery winner.

Susan Crossland, who won £1.2M in 2008 and had two premature babies herself, understands first-hand how difficult it can be during the first few weeks and months of an early newborn's life and so started work creating a range of tiny baby outfits, from cardigans and bonnets to bootees and mittens.

And today Susan handed over dozens of miniature outfits to the Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Susan, from Mirfield, in Yorkshire, said, “Alder Hey does incredible work. Ever since winning on The National Lottery I have always tried to dedicate as much time as possible to supporting charity. There are obviously so many good causes to help and I try to do as much as I possibly can. Having had two premature babies myself, the neonatal baby unit is something which is very close to my heart. I love knitting and I know how difficult it can be during the first few weeks and months of a premature baby’s life to find suitable clothes and lovely outfits. I have tried to be as creative as possible and it has been wonderful to visit Alder Hey today and hand over the outfits.”

Neonatal mum Jess was at the hospital to accept the donations on behalf of Alder Hey Children’s Charity, along with her son, one year old Frankie. Prior to birth, Frankie was diagnosed with a condition which meant he would be born with his bowels on the outside of his stomach, and surgery would be needed within hours of his birth at a specialised hospital like Alder Hey. He was transferred from a hospital in Wirral, which meant mum Jessica was only able to see him the next day, apart from a few minutes she had with him before he was transported.
Despite the difficulty of the situation, Jess and Frankie were reunited the following day and Frankie continues to exceed expectations. Frankie and Jess have since gone on to support the charity’s Surgical Neonatal Appeal and have taken part in recent fundraisers, including modelling for the charity’s Matalan PJs, starring in a Johnson’s Baby fundraising campaign which supported the Appeal and even featuring at last weekend’s Grand National as the honorary 41st Runner!

Jessica said, “I couldn't be more proud of my son and I couldn’t be more grateful for every single staff member at Alder Hey. It’s amazing to see how far Frankie has come and it’s always lovely to come back to see everyone. It’s always lovely to meet other people who support the Alder Hey Surgical Neonatal Unit Appeal and Susan’s gorgeous knitted creations will certainly be cherished by parents here at the hospital and when they get home with their tiny newborns.”

Jennifer Deeney, Head of Nursing at The Liverpool Neonatal partnership, added, “A huge thanks to Susan for her support of our Surgical Neonatal Unit Appeal. Our new unit will be a first for the UK, allowing parents to stay with their newborns throughout their surgical treatment in a comfortable, private bedroom with close contact with their baby and nursing staff, a hugely important development in neonatal care.”


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