Random Acts of Kindness Week

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To mark Random Acts of Kindness week 2018, we invite you to tell us about that one person who inspired you to be who you are.

What about a family member who always encouraged you to be the best you can?

Maybe it was your friend who comforted you during a difficult time in your life?

Could it be a teacher who saw something in you when no one else did?

Is it a neighbour who looked after you when you were sick?

We all have someone who has gone above and beyond to inspire us; someone who shifts our perspective, helps us through difficult times or encourages us to be kinder in our daily lives.

Be kind back, scroll down and leave them a message here:


You can donate here or scan this QR code and make a one off donation using PayPal on your phone.




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  • John Vianney Avatar

    John Vianney

    Miss Banatti for really being kind and seeing I needed extra care in year 5.

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