Event season kicks off in style!

Event season kicks off in style!

Owen and Alix are Alder Hey Children’s Charity supporters and were amongst the first in a group of 40 to take part in our Abseil Event on Saturday 17th July, descending 150 feet from Liverpool’s iconic Anglican Cathedral to raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The weather was fantastic – if incredibly hot - but the views were amazing from the top of the Cathedral and well worth the climb.

Alix and Owen wrote a note to us after the event to tell us how much they had enjoyed the challenge and have given us permission to share it with you!

"Having never have met any of you before or even been involved with the organisation before Owen and I didn’t know what to expect. From the moment we spoke on the phone when we arrived until the time we left we felt as though we had known you for years. You are ALL such special people doing a wonderful job.

"I still cannot believe that I actually did the abseil. The team were friendly, encouraging, warm, and so kind. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did. From the man at the top who allowed me to hold his hand (really tight!) when I had a small wobble, telling me “Alix you have got this, you can do it!” to the lady who looked me in the eye and told me I was in safe hands and that I could do it…just such lovely people.

"Thank you, Irene, for your encouraging emails in the days running up to the event when again I was having a wobble!

"We also want to tell what happened to us after we left.

"We went for a walk and for a bite to eat over at the docks. While we were in the restaurant, we were explaining to our waitress why we were wearing Alder Hey t-shirts. Diners came up to us and said they had heard what we had achieved and would it be okay to make a donation!

"We raised an extra £30 while in the restaurant. The one lady said to us that without Alder Hey she wouldn’t be here now and handed us £20. Well as you can imagine she started to well up and I was in floods of tears at people’s kindness and trust! I may just continue to wear my t-shirt every day in the hope that I get more donations!

"Owen and I now want to sign up for the parachute jump on 23rd April 2022!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"Keep the wonderful work going. We couldn’t have wished to have met three of the most amazing, enthusiastic people than we did yesterday!

"Big, big hugs to you all.

"Warmest of wishes

"Alix and Owen xx"

You can read more about our challenges and events here or email the team on [email protected]

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