Christmas visits: Bringing festive cheer to our patients

Christmas visits: Bringing festive cheer to our patients

Alder Hey is extremely grateful to the many celebrities, costumed characters and entertainers who help make Christmas special for our patients and families.

The hospital receives a high number of requests in the run up to Christmas and we aim to accommodate these wherever possible.

However, our primary duty of care is always to ensure the privacy and safety of our patients, families and staff.

We understandably have procedures in place to make sure there is appropriate supervision of all those who wish to visit the hospital in costume (for example as Father Christmas or a children’s character), to give out presents, or to entertain the children and young people in our care.

This includes any costumed characters, entertainers, businesses or community supporters who wish to visit the hospital atrium, outpatient clinics and hospital wards.

These procedures enable us to provide the very best experience for our patients, while minimising disruption to their care and adhering to the highest standards of safeguarding and infection prevention.

Costumed characters, entertainers and other community or corporate supporters who wish to visit our children are asked to contact the hospital’s Events and Engagement Officer to make appropriate arrangements.

If you wish to arrange a visit to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital please contact Gill Kennedy, Events and Engagement Officer for Alder Hey Children's Hospital on 0151 252 5947 or [email protected]

Please be advised:

  • We cannot guarantee you will be allowed access to the hospital if you have not contacted us in advance
  • You must be accompanied by a member of Alder Hey staff while on site and visits are limited to one hour. Location of every visit and the number of people involved must also be agreed in advance. Numbers in patient areas are extremely restricted. Foods, drinks and sweets must also not be given to children without permission of their parents and carers
  • Visitors must not take photographs or film visits without permission from the hospital’s Communications Team. Any unauthorised photographers or media will be asked to leave the hospital immediately

Kenzie's Toy FundSupporting Alder Hey this Christmas: Introducing Kenzie’s Toy Fund

Every year thanks to people’s generosity, we have more than enough presents to go around. In fact, last year we received so many toys we had nowhere to put them all!

Ten year old Kenzie is a regular patient at Alder Hey and had an overwhelming response to his own Christmas toy appeal. This year, Kenzie and Alder Hey are setting up a Toy Fund to make things easier for everyone.

We’d be extremely grateful if you would donate money to Kenzie’s Toy Fund rather than buy presents yourself.

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