In Brain Awareness Week we consider the impact of this new tech at Alder Hey

A new robotic microscope for Alder Hey Children's Hospital

The Kinevo Robotic microscope has been described by leading brain surgeons at Alder Hey as ‘one of the best pieces of equipment they have ever trialled.’

During neurosurgery, surgeons need to magnify the brain tumour and the area around it to ensure that they can see and remove all or as much of the tumour as they possibly can. To help them do this, the multifunctional microscope has a 3D effect so they are able to see the depth of the tumour, dramatically increasing accuracy. Another key feature is the endoprobe, which can bend round complex tumours and internal body parts to ensure nothing is missed. This particular function is game changing as it has the potential to avoid second phase surgeries in complex tumours. This not only minimises risk but reduces stress and anxiety for patients and families.

It is common for surgeons to swap over during long surgeries. The microscope allows the surgeon taking over to get up to speed with the procedure much more quickly and efficiently as each step is logged and then magnified on screen. This can mean operations being shorter and less intrusive for the child. The Wi-Fi connectivity on the screen allows specialists from across the world to link in, guide and advise surgeons. This is also an excellent tool for medical students to watch and learn from live surgeries.

The neurosurgery department at Alder Hey is world class and the inclusion of the Kinevo will help neurosurgeons to maintain their excellent reputation nationally and internationally, aiding  them to do their absolute best for some of our most vulnerable patients from across the country.

"In  June 2018 Alder Hey Children's Charity was proud to raise the funds to purchase this incredible piece of equipment, and the installation is now almost complete. We look forward to updating everyone on the impact of this amazing piece of technology in the coming months, but during Brain Awareness Week we are proud to say to our amazing donors that we couldn't possibly have done this without your incredible support."  Lynn Hitchen, Acting CEO, Alder Hey Children's Charity


The annual Brain Awareness Week is held on 11-17 March 2019. Its purpose is to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research.



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