ITT Conference 2023

Thank you for joining us at the ITT Conference 2023 

"As we move between the “active” and “recovery” phases of the Covid-19 response and continue in the difficult task of managing the ongoing uncertainty of the situation we are in, we all know that we need to keep physically safe. But do we know how important it is to keep psychologically safe, for ourselves and for others?"  How we manage the emotional journey of Covid, and arrive at the other side psychologically healthy, is particularly important now as we are having to find new energy and ways of coping and innovating in our lives and our industries. Using evidence from psychology, disaster responses, and emerging research about the psychological impacts of Covid globally, this talk focussed on how we can understand and make sense of where we are in our emotional response to Covid, and what will help us to feel safe, keep going and remain connected to each other on our road to recovery. Watch Jo's presentation again below:


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