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Running Tips

Every runner will have a different strategy and training plan for achieving their running goals. While it’s important that you design a training programme that is tailored to you, your goals and your ability – there are some running tips that can be beneficial to all runners – no matter how experienced.

Read on to discover our top running tips – both for beginners and the more experienced runners among us.

Running tips for beginners

Running is an extremely rewarding activity to get in to, but it can sometimes be tricky when you first start out. Some beginner runners may find they lack the physical stamina and fitness to run as fast or as far as they might like, and others will find that it’s a mental block that hinders progression.

Our beginners running tips, below, can help you to kick start your running ability and overcome some of those early obstacles.

  • Start slow

The worst thing that a beginner runner can do is push their body too far, too quickly. Make sure you build up your stamina and fitness over several running sessions to avoid injury and progress at the best possible pace. You may find it beneficial to start off with a combination of running and walking intervals, then slowly over time increase the distance that you run.

  • Aim for distance over pace

For a beginner, reaching a new target distance – 3k or 5k for example – should be the main aim, even if it takes you two hours to achieve that distance. Once you can comfortably run a given distance, then you can make changes to your training plan to focus on pace rather than distance.

  • Stay motivated

Lost motivation is one of the biggest blockers to progression that a runner can experience. Read our top tips for keeping your running motivation.

  • Keep a log

Using a running app or otherwise logging your activity can be a great way to monitor your progress and recognise achievements, like a new personal best! There are several different options for tracking your runs – many apps are even free to use.


Long distance running tips

For the more experienced runners out there, striving to achieve longer distances is a common goal. Long distance running presents many of its own obstacles and hurdles – all of which it’s possible to overcome. Check out our tips below and see if any of them could be of use to you.

  • Mind over matter

While of course running is primarily a physical activity, when it comes to running longer distances, it’s important to train your mind just as much as it is your body. Maintaining a positive mindset is essential, as is

  • Pace yourself

The rookie mistake of long distance running is to run too quickly, too early on. When you’re working on increasing your distance, you will need to reduce your pace – much in the same way that beginner runners should focus on achieving a certain distance before focussing on improving their pace. It’s unlikely that you will be able to complete a 10k at your 5k pace, so slow down and build up.

  • Nutrition & hydration

In order to run longer distances, you need to fuel your body to be able to achieve that. Fatigue and dehydration are powerful enough to stop you in your tracks during a long race, so it’s essential to consider them. Not only do you need to make sure that your body has enough fuel, but it also needs to be the right type of fuel.