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Marathon Advice

5 Top Running Tips for Marathon Runners

Signing up to run a marathon can be quite daunting but we have some fantastic advice for runners that will help you to stay motivated as you train your body as well as your mind in preparation for the upcoming event.

#1 Take your time.

Running a marathon is not about being the fastest runner, but more about developing the stamina and mental strength required to keep running even when you’re tired and your muscles are aching. For the first half of the race, pace yourself and relax your body, focusing on your breathing over your speed. After you’ve run half a marathon, you can begin to pick up the pace slightly.

#2 Work your way up.

It’s better to run a 5K, 10K and a half marathon race, before you sign-up to run a marathon, as you will already have built up your level of fitness and understand the dedication and determination it will take to run over 26 miles. Starting out with no experience of running will be extremely difficult and will put you at an increased risk of injury.

#3 Switch up your environment.

Doing the same workout every time you train is going to get boring after a while. Being creative with the types of exercises you do and where you decide to workout will keep you motivated. Instead of running on a treadmill in a gym or at home every couple of days, why not explore your local parks and countryside. A new environment can distract you as you run, turning your attention away from the miles you need to cover and focusing your mind at the beauty of the world around you.

#4 Invest in a good pair of trainers.

The type of shoes you wear while training can make a significant impact on your performance so it’s worth investing in a light-weight pair of running shoes that will help you to run for longer. Shoes that don’t quite fit properly or are not designed for running long distance can cause blisters and may not fully support your ankles as you run, which could lead to a strain or injury. It’s strongly advised to invest in a pair of running shoes that support your feet as you run and can offer a lightweight, breathable design.

#5 Keep your body hydrated.

When you work out, it’s crucial to stay hydrated so always carry a bottle of fresh still water with you when you run. Drink water often to keep your body hydrated. You might want to consider buying a hydration pack for the marathon itself, as you will be able to sip water without having to slow down or worry about refilling a bottle. A hydration pack will usually hold 1.5 to 2 litres of water and offers a hands-free solution to staying hydrated while running.