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How to run a marathon for charity

Running a marathon requires exceptional physical fitness and so running one and raising money for charity at the same time is one of the biggest achievements there is. Running a marathon for charity not only requires peak fitness and a rigid training programme, but it also involves choosing a charity and asking friends and family to sponsor you, in order to meet your fundraising target. At Alder Hey, we rely on your fantastic donations to continue doing all of the amazing work that we do, so would love it if you could run your chosen marathon for our charity. Once you have chosen the charity that you would like to fundraise for, you can start by setting up a JustGiving page, that, once the event’s over, will automatically send your fundraising efforts direct to Alder Hey. Don’t forget to send your page to friends and family so that they can donate and if possible, share on your social media channels! Good luck!

Which charity should I run for?

Choosing a charity to run for is completely your decision as they all help to raise money for fantastic causes, no matter what that cause may be. You might have a charity that is personal to you or close to the hearts of family and friends, in which case you might want to run a charity race for them, but if you are wondering what amazing cause you could complete your running challenge for, we at Alder Hey would love it if you could consider running for our children’s charity. We rely on donations to help us continue doing our amazing work for children across the UK.

Running for charity is not only a fantastic way to donate to a charity of your choice but a great way to improve your own physical fitness. Whether you’re a new runner and want to try out a 5k or even 10k race for charity or whether you’re experienced with races and are planning to undergo something seriously challenging such as a marathon, triathlon or a Tough Mudder experience, running for charity is something that everyone can get involved with, starting with you!

How does running for charity work?

There’s no better way to improve your fitness and complete a personal challenge than taking part in a run for charity. Whether you’re a beginner on your running journey and are looking to be sponsored for your first 5k race or are an experienced runner looking to put your fitness to the test by running a marathon for charity, the concept is the same – to raise money for a fantastic cause. At Alder Hey, we encourage runners of all abilities to get up and run for charity as not only is a fantastic, healthy way to improve your fitness, it also raises money for a worthwhile cause. To continue doing the work that we do, for children all over the UK, we rely on your generous donations, just get your running shoes on! It’s not about how fast or far you go, it’s about raising those all-important donations – so anyone can get involved! Once you have chosen the race that you would like to enter, you can set up a JustGiving page to begin to collect your Alder Hey donations. Once the donations start coming in, you should begin your training, ensuring you’re up to the challenge you have set yourself. If you’ve never considered running for charity before, now could be the time!

Can you run for any charity in the London Marathon?

Running the London Marathon for a charity is an amazing experience and something well worth training for. When it comes to charity races, the London Marathon is up there with the biggest in the world, with a whole host of charities taking part. London Marathon charity places bring a guaranteed entry to the race and so are understandably extremely popular (to gain a place in the ballot is very tricky!). The London Marathon charities that are directly associated with the race are listed on their website, but you can run for a charity of your choice – we would love it if you ran for Alder Hey Children’s Charity!

How to start a charity run

A charity run is always a lot of fun, whether it’s themed fancy-dress race or an obstacle fun run for the whole family, it’s a fantastic way of encouraging people to be active for a good cause. Although fun on the day, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to organising an event like this as there are a lot of things to consider. A few hints and tips when it comes to how to organise a charity run would include taking the time to carefully consider the distance and route of your race, thinking about what would best suit your participants. It’s also important to carefully consider a race start time as well as what runners will receive after taking part, whether that’s a medal, t-shirt or even some snacks to refuel (this will all depend on your budget, of course). Remember, that although stressful at the time, it will all be worth it in the end.

How to organise a fun run for charity

A fun run is a fantastic way to get the whole family involved when it comes to raising money for charity and organising one isn’t as hard as you think! Fun Runs can be anything from obstacle courses to fancy-dress themed races and even three-legged runs! First things first, you need to think of your theme – whether that’s runners in pyjamas to a Halloween spectacular. After you’ve thought about the theme and cause behind your run, you should decide how long the run is going to be. Distance-wise, a 5k is a great choice as it gives experienced runners the chance to challenge their personal bests and also allows for children and beginners to also complete the course. If you want your fun run to be a little more fitness orientated, you can always give a 5k and 10k option, giving runners the chance to choose exactly what race they want to enter, which potentially increases the number of entrants and therefore more donations!

Is the colour run for charity?

Many people ask, ‘is the colour run for charity?’ as it’s a popular race that sees many people taking part every year, all over the country. The answer is, yes, of course, it is! You can choose to run the colour run for any charity you choose and we would absolutely love it if you could run it for Alder Hey Children’s Charity to help us to continue doing the amazing work that we do here at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. For those that are unaware, the colour run is a fantastic day out for all the family and whilst it puts your fitness to the test, it is also an amazing, unforgettable day! Every runner starts out with a white t-shirt and by the end, it is filled with colour! The colour run takes place up and down the country and so it’s worth checking exactly where your local colour run is and the date that you need to train for! Most colour runs are 5k which is the perfect distance for anyone challenging their fitness on a short run for the first time and also means that the distance is walkable should anyone want to take part with children.