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Kids Charity Runs

Signing up to run for Alder Hey Children’s Charity as a family is a great way to encourage physical activity as well as supporting a good cause.

Spending time with your children whilst balancing a busy life can be difficult at the best of times but by signing up to charity kids run, you are committing yourself to a charity event and therefore will need to spend time training as a family. This quality time spent together is perfect to help strengthen family relationships and can be a family activity that you can all enjoy.

There are plenty of kid’s charity events designed for families taking place up and down the country. If you’d like to take part in a kids charity run and help to raise awareness and support for Alder Hey Children’s Charity, you’ll first need to find an event to take part in.

When you’ve found a kids charity run or event that you’d like to take part in, you can download a fundraising pack and a sponsorship form, which you can print off.

Mini Mud Run

Mud runs are a fantastic kid’s charity run to take part in and there are a number of events taking place in the UK, designed for families, that you can sign up for. Ranging from easy to intense, mud runs consist of a race and a series of obstacles which are conveniently in the middle of, or over, a huge muddy ditch. Prepare to get covered in mud, water and sweat as you challenge yourself to complete the course. The beauty of this type of kid’s charity run is that each obstacle challenges a different part of your body and will test your level of endurance. As you are focused on the obstacles, the distance that you need to run is broken down into small bursts which make it almost easier to cover. Whether it is balancing on a wooden log over a ditch, swinging on a rope and landing in thick muddy water or crawling under a net in a muddy pool, the running will seem to be the easy part.