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Half Marathons

Charity Half Marathon Race Events

If you want to raise support and awareness for a charity such as Alder Hey, you might be considering taking part in a running event such as a half marathon. 

Approximately 13.1 miles, if you’re a frequent runner you could be ready to start training for a charity half marathon, especially if you’re running three miles or more on a regular basis.

Preparing your mind and body for one of the many charity half marathon races in the UK will require a number of weeks of intensive training in order to build up your stamina.

Depending on whether this will be your first half marathon for charity or whether you’re a keen competitor looking to improve your average time, will determine how hard and for how long you will need to train. If you’re fairly new to running, try to run for at least 20 minutes, two to four times per week. For those looking to beat their best time, aim to run faster and for an increased length of time.