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Get The Whole Family Involved!

A family fun run is a great way to get everyone involved to raise money for a great cause and get a little fitter in the process. Family fun runs are usually open to all ages and appeal to all abilities – whether you’re a regular runner or are looking to take on a brand new challenge. Getting involved in a family fun run whilst raising money for a great cause gives you something to work towards and aim for. Whether you’re looking for a family fun run in London or simply want family fun run ideas that you can all take part in, have a read to find your favourite.

What is a family fun run? 

Family fun runs usually span a short distance and are suitable for the whole family to take part in. Whether it’s an obstacle challenge, a colour run or even a fancy-dress event, family fun runs are a great way for both beginner runners to tackle a significant distance and veteran runners to test their speed. Get involved with a family fun run today and raise some money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity!

Family fun run ideas

In the UK, there are plenty of family fun runs that take place throughout the year. From colour runs to dog jogs, you’ll definitely find a challenge you like the sound of. Whether you’re taking part on your own, with a running buddy or are getting the kids involved, get prepared for a challenge with a difference!

How do I train for a family fun run?

Training for any race requires a bit of commitment to ensure you’re up to the challenge! Most fun runs are suitable for the whole family (including children). A family fun run 5k is the average distance, with some exceptions stretching to 10k. For regular runners who run long distance, it’s likely that little training is required as your body will already be used to the distance but if you’re new to running, it’s important that you gear up for the race. A few runs a week with the correct footwear and plenty of water will ensure that you have a good  idea of the distance before you undertake it. It’s advised not to run more than three times per week when first starting out so you don’t risk injury along the way. 

What do I need to wear for a family fun run?

Cool, comfortable clothing is recommended for family fun runners as well as trainers that have been properly fitted for running, to avoid injury to the legs, feet and back. Breathable cotton is advised as running can get sweaty, although at some family fun runs, such as The Colour Run, you will be provided with a t-shirt to wear specifically for the event. If you are running for charity and choose to fundraise for Alder Hey, you might want to wear a t-shirt that lets everyone know!