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Charity Walks

A lot of our supporters take part in walking charity events across the UK, to help raise awareness for the important and life changing work that we do at Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Each year, we care for over 330,000 children and families and help to treat young patients who are fighting conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer, so why not take part in a charity walk to help raise money for any cause? Charity walking events are a brilliant way for members of the public to raise money for our charity and help support the work that we do.

There are plenty of opportunities to take part in walking events for charity in the UK, but here are a couple of useful websites to take a look at first.

There is a 100-mile walking for charity event organised by The Long Distance Walkers Association held every year in the UK. 500 people get together and walk 100 miles over a 48-hour period. The event has been going since 1973 and is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Depending on the weather, some competitors will run some of the route, whereas others will speed walk as much of the route as they can. Tea and hearty food is given out to those taking part at a number of checkpoints along the way. After the two-day event, all those competing will receive a badge and certificate.

Charity Walk Events

Charity walking events can be a good alternative to more physically demanding events such as obstacle runs or half marathons, especially if you’re planning on taking part as a family. Younger children would be best getting involved in charity walking events that give them an opportunity to take part in the fun without it being too challenging on the body. Younger walkers may prefer fun charity walks or race walks that don’t exceed a distance of 5k. In saying this, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to train and prepare your body for a charity walk.

10k charity walking events may include steep inclines, trekking through muddy fields and in poor weather conditions, be more challenging than you first anticipated. Preparing your body by increasing your daily activity in the weeks leading up to a charity walking event can help you to complete a race in a faster time, as well as staying well hydrated throughout the event.

Walking events for charity are not only a brilliant way to help raise money for charity, they will help improve your level of fitness as well as giving you the opportunity to meet new people.