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Charity Mud Runs

Tough Mudder type events are one of the most popular races that our supporters like to get involved in. If you are looking for your next fitness challenge, then sign up for a charity mud run today. 

What is a Mud Run?

A mud run is a run that includes a lot of mud, and typically obstacles such as walls, pools of muddy water, monkey bars and balance beams. Generally, mud runs are about 5K-10k in length but there are also ones which are longer. Unlike standard running races, mud runs are more about camaraderie and teamwork than achieving the fastest time, though some mud run events are timed. To complete a mud run you will need a reasonable of fitness as well as upper body strength and grip strength.

Mud Run for Charity

Rather than a standard 5K or 10K charity race, a charity mud run consists of several obstacles and challenges which are set out over a course and are guaranteed to challenge you, both physically and mentally. If you’d like to help us to raise awareness and support for Alder Hey Children’s Charity, why not sign up to a charity mud run and put your body to the test, all for a good cause! There are several different types of charity mud runs taking place across the UK, but four of the most popular are Tough Mudder, Born Survivor, the Spartan Race and Wolf Run. Many of these organised mud runs will let you choose which charity you want to run for.

Training for a Mud Run

The type of training you will need to do will depend on the type of mud run you have signed up for – some are more challenging than others. Our top training tips include:

  • Run – yes this may seem obvious, but you will need to get out and run as much as your schedule will allow. Also, try and run on different surfaces such as off-road trails, sand, long grass and muddy paths. Also, take on a few hills, if you can, as this can help build up leg strength. If you are taking on a long and challenging mud run, ensure to include some endurance training.
  • Hop, skip and jump – tackling the obstacles in a mud run tends to require explosive movements, so hopping, skipping and jumping can help to build up your muscles
  • Work on your upper body strength – doing pull-ups and lifting weights can help to build your upper body strength. If your area has a bouldering centre, that can also be a great way to build upper body strength as well as meet new people.
What do you wear to a mud run?

If you are going to take on a mud run, make sure you wear clothing that is lightweight and comfortable. It is also useful to wear clothing that will dry quickly – that includes socks. When it comes to footwear trail running shoes are the best as they are light and tend to dry out quicker than standard trainers.

Also, bring with you warm clothes to change into afterwards and if the temperatures are low, make sure you have a pair of gloves.

Charity Mud Run

If you’re new to running for charity, you might want to start with a 5k or 10k run, as it can be quite daunting to jump straight in and sign up for a charity mud run, especially if you’ve never taken part in a running event before. A mud run for charity can often cover a distance of up to 10 miles or more, as well as include physically challenging obstacles and of course, mud and water. Running 10K, which is just over 6 miles, will be enough of a challenge for someone fairly new to running and it would be best to start with shorter distances with no obstacles and work your way up to a more difficult and physically challenging event. However, for those that are new to running there are 5K mud run challenges. Sign up for a mud run charity challenge today.