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B&M / P&G

Our partnership has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to support Alder Hey.

Our partnership with B&M and Proctor & Gamble (P&G) has been a roaring success to date, with hundreds of thousands of pounds being raised to support the children and their families at Alder Hey.

Starting in 2022, the partnership has seen everyday cleaning, beauty and hygiene products selected exclusively to raise funds for Alder Hey, with 5p from every pack sold being donated. These special products are sold in over 300 stores nationwide over the course of four weeks. Before and during this promotional period we work closely with B&M and P&G to create special moments, whether that’s a visit from a child and their family to say a big thank you, or Oli the Oliphant dropping by to say hi and do a shift on the tills!

During the four weeks, customers can easily locate the products included by simply looking out for the Alder Hey & P&G branded feature bay ends at their local B&M store.

As of 2023, funds raised through our partnership have gone towards our Neonatal campaign, which is raising funds for a state-of-the-art Surgical NICU facility, which will contain 22 neonatal cots and 18 family rooms, where parents can stay alongside their newborns whilst they receive the expert care they urgently need.

The total cost of the Surgical NICU at Alder Hey will be around £20 million, and Alder Hey Children’s Charity needs to raise £3 million in support of this. The B&M and P&G partnership has provided vital funds to help achieve this goal. The continued support from B&M customers will ensure the very best for the tiny patients and families who will benefit from this new unit.