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This creature has been adopted by the LLoyd family and named maGee

“Within a few hours of our son being born, he was diagnosed with Exomphalos. Our world crumbled as we were told he would need to be transferred urgently across to Alder Hey for surgery to enable him to carry on living, before his umbilical cord healed and closed off his bowel. As he was prepped for transfer we also got ready for travel. We arrived at Alder Hey and located Ward 1C, we had only walked about 5 metres, when a lovely nurse called out, ‘You must be baby Lloyds’ parents, carry on going to yellow ward, somebody will meet you down there’.
I met one of the surgical team much later that night, (just after the fireworks to welcome in 2017) His surgery was performed the very next day at midday by Dr Sarah Almond and her team (that’s a name we will never forget). It was a success and he was able to restart his breastfeeding within a few days, his care (and quite frankly, our care) has been nothing short of exceptional. We have this year been discharged from Alder Hey’s care. But even though we don’t have to visit Alder Hey now, trust me, there isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t eternally grateful for his exceptional care”.