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L14 5AB

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This Creature has been adopted by Helen, John and Charlotte and named Coco.

“Charlotte, our little girl spent eight weeks in Alder Hey requiring extensive surgery in her first days after birth.  The amazing technical skill of the surgery team, ICU and Ward 1C who looked after both her, and us, through difficult times to a point where she could come home and be a normal baby – and we could be a normal family – is something we will never stop saying thank you for. Now Charlotte is three and very happy and well, adopting a Roost creature felt like a wonderful way to keep supporting the hospital and Trust that has given us so much.  
Coco is one of Charlotte’s ‘silly’ words she likes saying when she is having fun and playing so we thought it would be a great name for the Roost creature who looks like a fun guy to us, probably always up to mischief just like Charlotte.” – Helen and John