We urgently need to raise £22,000 to buy four new Neopuff Infant Resuscitators.

These life saving devices are in use at Liverpool Women’s now, but more areneeded to use immediately at Alder Hey. They will then be moved into our brand new Surgical Neonatal Unit (NICU) that we are just starting to build on site at Alder Hey, the first of its kind in the UK.

This one of our babies, Sam (right, now two), whose life was saved multiple times by our NHS heroes, using a Neopuff Resuscitator. His mum Zalena told us about their experience:

“Sam was born in May 2020 when I was only 24 weeks pregnant. He weighed just 790g and could fit in his dad’s hand. Sam required two major operations to save his life and multiple surgeries to save his sight at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. As Sam was extremely premature, we spent the first four months of his life at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, living out of our bags and worried what each day might bring. Many times, my husband Martin and I were told that Sam may not make it through the night, and we had to be prepared for losing our first child. To access the specialist care and surgery that Sam needed, he had to be transferred between hospitals six times. For a baby as tiny and fragile as Sam, this was an extremely worrying process. He had to be stabilised in a transport ventilator for an hour before each journey and then travel by critical care ambulance without us due to COVID restrictions at the time.

"A Surgical Neonatal Unit (NICU), like the one being built at Alder Hey, would have meant we could have stayed together as a family, at the time that Sam needed us both. It would have allowed us to feel a slight sense of normality having our own living space in which to bond as a family in those early days, knowing that every expert was on hand."



Zalena continued, "Alder Hey Children’s Charity is raising vital funds to enhance the NICU and to fund the life-saving equipmentneeded, like the Neopuffs. Whilst in intensive care, Sam stopped breathing and turned blue. His ventilator pipe that was keeping him alive had moved in his chest. Our nurse pressed the emergency buzzer and doctors and nurses from all over the ward came flying into the room. They used a Neopuff to resuscitate our little boy and yet again saved his life. When every minute is fragile and precious, having access to state-of-the-art equipment gives parents like me so much more hope.”

Our tiny patients and their amazing families inspire us everyday to always go above and beyond. The Neopuff resuscitator is the gold standard piece of equipment used for resuscitation of newborn babies. It is safer for use on neonatal babies as it is designed to protect and minimise damage to their tiny lungs, and it allows for much more detailed adjustments to be made compared to the standard resuscitation equipment.

A donation from supporters like you will save the lives of more sick babies like Sam. It really is that simple – you can give the gift of life today.



Surgical Neonatal Appeal

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