Jordan - Trek to Petra

Join us as we explore the breathtaking landscape of Jordan and adventure to the Ancient City of Petra!

After spending a day exploring Amman and the surrounding areas, including Mount Nebo and the Dead Sea, it's time to get our trekking adventure underway! Starting in Dhana, we'll spend five days trekking through stunning valleys and rugged mountain scenery. Following the same path used by the Bedouin nomads, we'll have the chance to explore unexcavated Roman ruins of Nabatean civilizations and fascinating Iron Age sites.

After trekking a total of 77km along the Jordan Rift Valley, we'll reach our destination  - the ancient red city of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of The World! Here we will witness the awe-inspiring sites of The Monastery and The Treasury, returning home with memories to last a lifetime!


Day 1
Depart UK for flight to Queen Alia airport. Transfer to Amman for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2
Today we have a chance to explore some of the incredible sights of Amman and the surrounding areas, including St. George's Church and Mount Nebo before enjoying a relaxing swim in the Dead Sea. Following lunch, we transfer to Dhana for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3
Trek from Dhana to Mansura. Today we'll explore unexcavated Roman ruins and Iron Age sites. Trekking distance - approx. 17km.

Day 4
Trek from Mansura to Bega’a Valley, along Jordan's Rift Valley. Trekking distance - approx. 14km.

Day 5
Trek from Bega’a Valley to Beidha, a major Neolithic archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trekking distance - approx. 16km.

Day 6
Trek from Beidha to the Ancient City of Petra, visiting the archaeological site of Siq al Barid (Little Petra) along the way. Trekking distance - approx. 18km.

Day 7
Today we have chance to fully explore Petra, including the mile-long winding Siq, the breathtaking Al-Khazneh, the Street of Facades, the Theatre and Byzantine Church. Trekking Distance – approx. 12km.

Day 8
Transfer to Queen Alia Airport for our flight back to the UK.

Day 9
Arrive UK. (Itinerary is correct at time of printing, and strictly subject to change)


Send for a brochure today or call the team on 0151 252 5716

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