Abseiling for Charity at Liverpool's Cathedral

Have you ever considered taking part in a charity abseil? Whether you are looking to fundraise for Alder Hey Children’s Charity, or you simply want to take part in a charity abseil with some of the best views of Liverpool imaginable, look no further!

You've probably seen, been past or toured inside this iconic Liverpool landmark, but chances are you've never abseiled 150 feet over the main entrance of Liverpool Cathedral!

Understandably, this is one of Alder Hey Children’s Charity’s most popular challenges, and your opportunity to take in Liverpool's world-famous skyline in a totally new way by abseiling for charity. Abseiling Liverpool Cathedral is magical in more ways than one; not only are you overlooking an incredible view, but past abseils have included everything you can think of – including a proposal half way down!

Our 2018 event had a great turnout and the organisers even provided abseilers with two ropes so that friends and family could abseil together, making for a truly great experience. Experienced abseilers were there during the event to help anyone that was a little nervous – whether they knew what to expect or had a slight fear of the unknown! They definitely provided everyone with some much-needed support on the day!

As well as seeing people taking on the challenge with loved ones, the event even saw some partakers heading down in West door in fancy dress, making the day definitely one to remember, for all involved. Spectators also gathered on the ground to cheer on the brave as they dropped 150 ft – raising money for their chosen charity.

We are taking the leap on 10th August 2019. Put it in your diary today!



Most people will inevitably have questions when it comes to abseiling from a large building and this section will aim to answer any questions that are commonly asked before the event.

How far down is the abseil?

The Liverpool Cathedral abseil is a 150 ft drop that you will gradually lower yourself through.

How often is the Liverpool Cathedral Abseil?

The Liverpool Cathedral Abseil is an annual event so even if you don’t feel ready this year, you can always try your hand next year – this also gives you time to collect money for your chosen charity – you will usually be asked to raise a minimum of £160 for charity, ahead of the event.

How much is the registration process?

Registering to take part in the Liverpool Cathedral Abseil is £40.

Do I need previous experience to take part?

No, no previous abseil experience is needed in order to take part in the Liverpool Cathedral Abseil. You will undergo a safety brief, but you must be over 18 years of age in order to take part, as well as being of a good standard of physical health.

Whereabouts around the Anglican Cathedral does the abseil take place?

The abseil takes place above the Great West Door of the Cathedral and spectators will gather underneath to watch you in action!

Do I have to abseil alone?

No, you can take on the abseil challenge as a pair if this is something that you’d prefer to do. If you do want to take on the challenge as a duo then you will need to be quick and register ASAP as spaces for both the solo and double abseil challenges do sell out quickly.

If you have any further queries about abseiling Liverpool Cathedral to raise money for Alder Hey, please call us on 0151 252 5716 or email us.

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