Payroll Giving is a simple and tax-effective scheme which allows people in the workplace to donate to us through an amount deducted from their salary.

It’s tax free so every £1 you give will only cost you between 60p-80p depending on your tax bracket. As a workplace giver you are investing in the continued health of children at the hospital.

We receive both the donation and the tax that would have been paid on this amount. This means that your gift will go even further allowing us to enhance vital treatments and facilities at Alder Hey hospital.

If you’re an employee, your company may already have a Payroll Giving scheme established where the payroll department simply deducts the amount pledged from your pay. If it does not already have a scheme, you can ask your employer to set up one on your behalf.  You can alter or withdraw from the scheme at any time

If you are an employer and looking for a simple way that you can engage your employees then Payroll Giving may be the answer. Payroll Giving has been shown to be great for your company’s image, as well as increasing staff morale, motivation, retention and recruitment.

 If you haven’t yet registered for Payroll Giving then it is easy to do and plenty of help is at hand. HMRC have helpful advice as well as a free on-line tool for administering the scheme.





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