Play resources and toys

Alder Hey Charity helps to fund our Play Service and small grants help to buy the toys and resources needed to deliver our vital Play Service. A £1000 grant provided the team with art and craft resources at Christmas, and ongoing grants help to ensure that children have access to toys and sensory play.

Joshua and Isaac’s story

Twins Joshua and Isaac have been part of the Alder Hey family since they were just 7 hours old.

Joshua was born with complex conditions affecting his heart, digestion and breathing. By 12 weeks old he’d had surgery and two procedures to stabilise him to grow big enough for open heart surgery. 

Being a long-term family comes with lots of challenges, but the Alder Hey Play team have made their journey much easier. The twins’ mum, Charlie, told us:

"It’s not possible to stay all the time - I have to do the school run twice a day. Debbie, our Play Specialist, will work with Joshua while I am out so that he isn’t on his own. When Joshua would go to theatre, Debbie would take Isaac so that I could accompany him. When we have met with Joshua’s doctors the Play Specialists would always stay with the boys. The Play team will always check and see if there is anything they can do to make the day more fun for the twins, and their 6-year-old brother Benjamin.
Sensory play is also important to the boys’ time at Alder Hey. With the twins at different levels in their development their needs are also different. Lisa, the boys’ Play Specialist, will set up play stations for Isaac with cars and trucks whilst giving Joshua cause-and-effect toys like drums - the noisier and brighter the better!”
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