Alder Play Privacy Policy

Living Hospital Limited takes your privacy seriously. This Alder Play privacy notice is intended to help parents and patients to understand what is being collected by the app, why we collect it, how it is used and who we may share it with.

Who are we?

The Alder Play app is the property of Alder Hey Living Hospital Ltd (company number 10735638), a wholly owned subsidiary of Alder Hey Children’s Charity (charity number 1160661).

What information is being collected?

We will collect an email address and ask you to create a password associated with it. This allows us to create a unique and secure account for each patient which can be accessed each time you use the app. It will also enable us to upload previous content saved and personalise your experience of the app, based on preferences selected within it.

The Alder Play app will collect information based on your use of the app. It will store rewards collected and preferences selected.

How is information being collected?

Information will be collected via the initial registration screen and preferences via the app. Anything collected will be stored in compliance with Data Protection Regulations and on servers based in the UK.

How will information be used?

Your email address collected at registration will be used to create your own unique account. The information collected via the app will be used to personalise parts of the app for you i.e choose a character and nickname.

We will never use your information to email you.

Who will information be shared with?

The information you enter, and your use of the app may be shared with third party processors. Agreements are in place with processors to ensure privacy regulations are adhered to.

How long will it be kept?

We will hold any information you give us under UK Data Protection laws. We will delete this at your request, or when there is no longer a need to hold it to support the operation and development of the app. 

Can I change my mind?

Of course! If you wish to opt out of using our app or any services you have signed up to with Living Hospital Limited, delete the app from your device. To request that we delete your information, contact us at [email protected].